Email Marketing Campaign for Financial Advisors

For financial advisors, an email marketing campaign is a critical component of a successful marketing strategy. No other marketing tool can give you the ROI that email marketing can, making it one of the most productive and powerful marketing and communication elements available to advisors. Your prospects and clients still cite email as their preferred medium of communication. When you tailor your message with the right timing and for your targeted audience, the results will help you reach the goals you envision for your brokerage.

We love sharing our clients’ success stories, and some of the most compelling stories come from clients who have harnessed the power of FMG Suite’s email campaign tools. We talked with three of our satisfied clients and asked them some basic questions about their experiences, and successes, using our tools for email marketing campaigns. We talked with Kathy Holobowski, Joe Bonfiglio’s Client Relations Manager, James McLellan of McLellan Financial, Andy Ortiz of IQ Portfolios, and Lenore Rostoni of Clock Retirement and Financial Consultants. Here is what we learned:

How did you decide to use FMG Suite for your digital marketing?

Kathy Holobowski: “Our broker-dealer, HD Vest, recommended using FMG Suite as a strategic partner to assist us in creating an integrated marketing solution for our client communications. We took a look at your site and we were impressed with the tools, so we built our website on the platform.”

James McLellan: “I was in the process of working with another website company when I learned about FMG Suite. I was halfway through the build when I really started to understand the benefits of the full suite of FMG Suite tools, so I changed course. FMG Suite provided such a strong, complete digital marketing solution, so it made sense to start fresh with the integrated set of tools.”

Andy Ortiz: “My broker-dealer, JW Cole, has a relationship with FMG Suite, and between their referral and the recommendations of other colleagues, I decided to go with their company.”

Lenore Rostoni: “I learned about FMG Suite through my broker-dealer, LPL Financial. FMG Suite came highly recommended by them, which made me feel more confident working with them. Ultimately, we chose to work with FMG because of the comprehensive marketing tools they offer.”


Tell us about the success you’ve experienced with your digital marketing.

Kathy Holobowski: “Very recently we added the email newsletter tool and our contacts responded very well with the first campaign that was sent out. 46% of our clients opened the email and, of those who opened the email, 28% clicked the video to watch.”


James McLellan: “I uploaded my contacts and the first newsletter went out. Someone on my email list wrote back that he had been meaning to speak with me about his company’s 401(k) plan and he made an appointment. It’s really been a culmination of small events like that where someone sees the newsletter and it reminds them to reach out.


“One client had been speaking with his brother about me because his brother is retiring soon. Unbeknownst to me, he had been forwarding my email newsletters to his brother. His brother started poking around my website and then decided to call. We met and it turns out that he has a $2 million account he’d like to transfer. I believe that the newsletter had a lot to do with him ultimately reaching out.”


Andy Ortiz: “I had been sending communications out to my clients, but I had never seen tangible results and wasn’t as consistent as I would have liked to be. But after implementing FMG Suite’s Video of the Month and Monthly Market Insights, I had an increase in interest. In fact, I had 17 callbacks from one of the videos that got sent out, 11 of who were prospects, and 6 of those individuals became new clients.”


Lenore Rostoni: “What’s so great about FMG is that it’s much more than a website or a marketing campaign. All of the tools work continuously and together. FMG has helped us put our name out there in front of clients and prospects in the best light, which is what we, as advisors, all hope for.

“The Happy Birthday campaign really stands out. The birthday messages are wonderful! It’s such a fun and creative way to reach out to prospects you may not have talked to for a while, and to show clients you are thinking about them on their special day.”


What FMG Suite marketing tools are your favorites?


Kathy Holobowski: “We are very pleased with all of the tools provided by FMG Suite. I specifically like the website and its design. There is such a variety of visuals and resources, from videos to presentations, to appeal to our existing clients and potential new clients. It’s very easy for us to customize the content and keep our website fresh and visually appealing.”


James McLellan: “I have gotten great feedback about my FMG Suite website. My clients really seem to like it and share it with their friends and family, which certainly supports the referrals process. As a matter of fact, I got one email a few weeks back that said, ‘Hey Jim, Wow! Your website is really looking awesome!’ He mentioned the he had viewed some specific videos on the website, which was great because I know he spent some time on there and was really engaged.”


Andy Ortiz: “I would say my favorite tool is the content library because all the material makes it easy to talk to clients and prospects about complex investing topics in an easy to understand way. I also did a survey with my clients to see if they would be interested in a Monthly Market Insights video and the response was overwhelmingly in favor, so I’m excited to roll that out as well.“


Lenore Rostoni: “We have received some great feedback from clients and prospects. We’ve had one prospect became a client because she was able to learn about who we are through our website. She lives across the country, but due to her finding our FMG Suite website and receiving our ongoing FMG campaigns, she decided she wanted to work with us!”


Would you recommend FMG Suite to other advisors?


Kathy Holobowski: “Definitely. FMG Suite is so easy to work with. You have exceeded our expectations with your creative visual design and innovative marketing tools.   ”


Andy Ortiz: “Yes! I have never cared much about my website in the past, and viewed it as more of an obligation than a marketing tool, but now I link my website in my signature, tell clients and prospects about it, and am proud to show it off! You have a happy client down here in Florida. “


Lenore Rostoni: “Yes, absolutely, and we have already. FMG Suite offers the full package, unlike most other companies who only provide a website or email marketing services. Additionally, we have always received nothing but amazing customer service, which is a huge part of why we like working with FMG Suite and will continue to do so.”


These are just a few of our clients’ success stories using FMG Suite’s customizable marketing system. From email campaign management tools to beautifully designed websites, these advisors are using some of the most powerful marketing tools available. Read more of these amazing stories and see why financial advisors turn to us to grow their business and build strong relationships.



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