When you hear the word “evergreen,” you might think of a Christmas tree, all dressed up for the holidays. While evergreen content may not be as festive, it’s rooted in a similar idea; evergreen content is content that stays “fresh” for longer, acting as a sustainable and long-lasting form of content. Marketers use evergreen content to populate their social media channels and stay relevant in front of their audience.

We’ve previously discussed the three types of content that service professionals should utilize. Here, we will dig deeper into what evergreen content is and isn’t, and how it can help enhance your online brand.

What Evergreen Content Is

Our content library is full of evergreen content that we provide to our clients for their website and social media channels. According to CMO, lack of content creation was the biggest challenge for marketing professionals and that creation of content was an issue. These challenges are why we help our service professionals establish themselves as a thought leader on the Internet by providing high-quality, timeless content.

While working on your content marketing strategy, you can easily create your evergreen content by addressing needs that you see your audience expressing. Some great ideas for evergreen content are:

  • How-To Tutorials
  • Videos
  • Tips
  • General insights on your industry

Effective evergreen content solves a problem for your viewers long after you post it. By examining salient concerns that your audience has, you can create evergreen content for immediate posts and to post in the future. Also, when creating evergreen content, create something that is easily sharable. Evergreen posts have the potential to be shared for days, months, or even years after they’re originally posted, which is why sharable, quality content stands the test of time.

What Evergreen Content Isn’t

One of the most important things to understand about evergreen content is that it shouldn’t be your whole content marketing strategy. Service professionals that turn solely to evergreen content end up coming off as robotic and impersonal to their audiences, which is the opposite of their goal. By mixing in evergreen, topical, and personal content, individuals can create a strong, consistent web presence.

Here are some examples of what evergreen content isn’t:

  • News articles
  • Statistics
  • Seasonal messages
  • Industry trends

These kinds of posts will quickly become outdated, and while they are excellent to post while they’re relevant, they won’t stand the test of time like evergreen content will.

Evergreen content can drive traffic to your website and help you build awareness over a longer period. We emphasize to our service professionals that consistency in your content marketing strategy is key, which is why evergreen content is invaluable to building an online presence.