What the Fiduciary Rule Means For Your Marketing

The Department of Labor’s fiduciary rule shook the financial services industry, leaving many advisors to wonder how it will impact their business. This new ruling will not only affect how you do business, but also how you market your business.

Whether you’re new to marketing or have been implementing strategies for years, the changing industry demands a new way to connect with prospects and instill trust.

This guide will help financial advisors identify what the fiduciary rule means for their marketing, including:

  • The importance of maintaining an updated, modern, and mobile-responsive website
  • How website design impacts a consumer’s opinion of your business
  • Opportunities to increase your online transparency
  • Creating content that inspires action
  • Establishing a consistent frequency for interacting on social media and sending email campaigns
  • The ideal number of times per year you connect with your prospects and clients

Access Now

This guide will help you understand the three steps you need to take right now to adjust your marketing in light of the Department of Labor’s new ruling.

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