For today’s Advisor Website Showcase, we are joined by Michael Allison of New Lantern Advisors. We sent Michael some of our most in-depth questions so far to see how he handled his website, transitioning into virtual work, and fighting against his kryptonite.

Modernize Your Website

The second you open the New Lantern Advisors website, you’re instantly drawn in with a unique and interesting animated set of videos along with a CTA. They let you know what they’re all about at New Lantern the second you click the site; Embracing Your Retirement. One of the best homepage features is the interactive quiz which “Tests Your Investing IQ.” In this case, the quiz asks for both your name and email. Without a doubt leading to a subtle way to entice visitors into signing up for email communication.

The New Lantern Advisor site takes all the best aspects of good site navigation and mixes them with non-intrusive CTAs. Allowing them to encourage visitors to take action while giving them access to all the information they need.

Read on to see our Q&A with Michael to find out what makes New Lantern Advisors so unique. Michael was happy to share some of the firm’s history, strategies, and insights. We hope his answers can inspire ideas for your own website.

1. Can you tell us a little more about your services and the history of your firm?

At the end of 2021, I “retired” after 33 years in the investment management industry, the last nearly 22 of them at Eaton Vance in Boston, where I served as a global equity portfolio manager and Director of Equity Strategy Implementation. It is with this experience that I serve clients with an eye toward delivering solution-oriented financial planning and investment results.

In 2022, I founded New Lantern Advisors, an independent, fiduciary, fee-only, longevity-focused financial planning and investment management firm, so that I could more directly serve a select group of clients, as well as help fellow advisors, serve their own clients.

Our top priority is helping our clients successfully navigate the pathway into retirement, as well as the life they want to live after they get there. As we say on the website: We can help you answer, “What is your What’s Next?”

2. New Lantern Advisors is based in Saratoga Springs, NY but works with people from all around the country virtually. How has virtual communication affected the way you do business?

The pandemic and work-from-home experience that began in March of 2020 taught me, like so many others, that you can be very productive in a virtual setting if you make the effort. This is true not only in terms of accomplishing work tasks but also in developing and maintaining interpersonal relationships. That has remained true for NLA since we started in the Spring of 2022. In my opinion, real-life social occasions will remain very important to the fabric of our industry, but clients and would-be clients also enjoy the convenience of meeting virtually.

3. What would you say inspired your site’s design theme? Was it something you thought up quickly or did you have to really think about it?

As we prepared to launch the firm earlier this year, I built a prototype website myself, just to have something workable to get started with. I borrowed ideas from a number of other advisors’ websites but wanted them to be functionally as simple as possible.

4. Social media is integral to the growth of your online presence and overall marketing strategy. We noticed you’re active on LinkedIn and Twitter. How do you go about managing your social media?

I’ve had a presence on LinkedIn and Twitter for quite some time, but over the years, as my prior firm grew and my role evolved, I became less and less free to be overly “social” on social media. My great challenge AND opportunity with NLA is to (re)inject my personality into my online presence.

5. What led you to update or create a new site with FMG? Has this inspired you to update or create other things to improve your online presence?

I had known of FMG and Twenty over Ten prior to the launch of NLA and had seen and heard really great things. Once we were past our “soft launch” in the first half of 2022, and it was time to start to drive real traffic, I knew that a robust, professionally designed website with great content would be the centerpiece of that visibility.

Video content is next. I’m inspired by Samantha’s work, as well as that of Stacy Havener. My plan is to start trying to reach more folks in this way in the near future.

6. If you could give other advisors any advice on redesigning or creating their website, what would it be?

Know what it is that you want your website to do for you and choose a layout and approach to content that is consistent with that goal.

In my case, there are two primary goals. First, I want lots of educational content to foster a better understanding for clients and prospects alike. I also want the website to facilitate meetings with prospective clients, either virtual or in person, so we can delve deeper into finding out if we are a good fit goal-wise and capability-wise.

7. How has your overall experience with FMG been so far?

Beyond outstanding. It’s been a great experience thus far, and I am confident that our partnership will bear much fruit as we grow together.

8. As you know, we’ve recently added DIFM to our list of services also known as “Do It For Me.” How has your experience been with it so far? What made you decide it was the right choice for you as an advisor? What has been your favorite part of the experience so far?

It’s been really great. Early days for sure, but as a solo advisor with many hats to wear, it’s very helpful that I have an expert content creation partner that can augment that which I’m able to create on my own.

8. Your firm has a consistently updated section for blogs and other insights. What has been your thought process when running it? What made you start doing it and how have you kept up with posting consistently?

The blog on the site is a combination of relevant FMG content and articles that I’ve written. These are periodic and mostly evergreen. I also have a weekly newsletter called the Sunday Drive which is a way to deliver snackable and light insights to my email list every Sunday morning. Anyone interested can sign up HERE.

9. After going through your site we know your kryptonite is green olives, but what is your Popeye spinach? What makes you feel stronger?

Tex-Mex from San Antonio and BBQ from Ft. Worth, my hometown.

I also derive great satisfaction from talking with folks about complex investment concepts and seeing the light bulb go on above their heads and the look in their eyes that says, “I get it.”

Modernize Your Website

Your website is the most public expression of your brand. It only takes visitors 50 milliseconds to form an opinion – so make it count.