There’s no denying the power of blogging for small businesses. 69% of businesses say that their blogs give them the most lead generation, and 60% of businesses who blog acquire more customers. For a financial advisor or insurance agent who has never blogged before, getting started can seem intimidating. However, there are a just a few steps to take to get started. In our latest marketing tip video, we share our thoughts on the very first step to take for blogging. After watching our video, vote in our poll below!

Beyond considering what you are most interested in writing about, you should also create a list of common questions, concerns, or topics your clients or niche have or want to know more about. This could be anything from college planning to minimizing taxes. Once you know what to write about, decide who will be the writer. This could be you, a team member from your office, a marketing consultant, or a combination of the three. Finally, create a consistent schedule, whether that’s writing once a month, once a week, or once a quarter.

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