How to plan, launch, and track ads on social media and search engines

If you want to reach new leads and grow your business, merely posting to your social media accounts and having a website is always enough. Instead, it is paid digital advertising that holds the most promise for the advisor looking to grow their business.

Social and search platforms have majorly improved their paid advertising features. To launch an ad is a simple powerful action a financial professional can take to establish their expertise, retain current clients, and generate new leads.

This guide explains the importance of advertising on search engines and social media, ideas brainstorm your ads, steps to launch your first campaign, and ways to continue improving.

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Learn how to launch online ads from start to finish:

  • Prepare your site before you start
  • Establish Key Performance Indicators
  • Define your audience
  • Build engaging ads
  • Launch ads on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google search
  • Evaluate the success and improve

This guide makes it easy for anyone to start promoting a financial services firm and increase its online presence.

Reach new leads with ads

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