A few weeks ago we unveiled our Custom Email Builder, giving you the power to write, submit and send emails directly from your FMG Suite admin. But just because we gave you the tool, doesn’t mean we gave you the time it takes to write all the emails you need to keep your clients engaged and informed. We haven’t quite figured out how to cram more hours in the day yet, so we wanted to at least give you a head start and save you some time on these emails.

We put our crew of professional copywriters to work and created a library of Handy Emails for our Connect™ and Attract™ clients – giving you a starting point for the emails you find yourself writing often and the ones you find yourself wishing you had time to write.

Watch the video below or read on to learn more about our suite collection of Handy Emails.

A Head Start

These emails are just a starting point: each time you start a new message from a Handy Email, you have the chance to edit the content and personalize your message. We’ve added some placeholder text to each email, where you can easily add language specific to your firm or the clients with whom you’re communicating. You also have the opportunity to add or remove any information:

  • Does an item in our “First Meeting Checklist” not apply to your clients? Get rid of it!
  • Want to add some driving directions to our “Appointment Reminder” email? Go for it!
  • Have a personal anecdote to add to our “Keeping in Touch” message? Great idea!

Get Your Hands Dirty!

It’s probably impossible to create a library with all the emails you’ll ever need, so we’ve made it easy to add your own! Jump into your outbox and find some of those emails you have written over and over (and over) again, grab that content, create a custom email and save your email as a Handy Email template. Now, you always have a starting point for those frequent messages.

With the debut of our Handy Email library, all of your campaign, custom and everyday emails can be written, scheduled, sent and reviewed by compliance all in one place! Could we be any handier!?