These days, it takes a lot more to reach prospects and clients than just a single email. Savvy marketers and financial advisors use multiple channels to ensure their message reaches their target audience and inspires them to take action. 

One study even found that customers that receive outreach from two or more channels are 166% more engaged than those who only were communicated with a single channel. 

The best way financial advisors can take advantage of multi-channel marketing is to look across digital and traditional marketing methods, including:

  • Website
  • Traditional advertising
  • Social media
  • Online advertising
  • Events
  • Email
  • Direct mail
  • Printed materials
  • Blogs, videos, other online content

Great marketing strategies for financial advisors involve a number of these channels in order to effectively engage their ideal audience.

For example, you could post a YouTube video on your website and promote it via social media and email.

Or, you could plan an open house event in your office and invite your network via social media ads, emails, and mailed invitations.

If you are specifically looking to gain new clients, this is a strategy you should absolutely be using. It allows you to find your audience where they like to spend time and encourage them to take action on your site, whether that be to make an appointment or join your email newsletter. 

It all depends on your goals, capabilities, and what marketing tools you have available to you. We’ve highlighted how three real financial advisors are seeing results with multi-channel marketing so you can learn from them and adopt these strategies for your own practice.

How Real Advisors Use Multi-Channel Marketing

1. Emails That Drive Website Traffic

James McLellan of McLellan Financial uses the FMG Suite dashboard to send email newsletters that contain content from our library, as well as his own personal messages. These newsletters drive traffic back to his website to address two channels at once.

James had this to say about how the strategy is working for this firm:

“One client had been speaking with his brother about me because his brother is retiring soon. Unbeknownst to me, he had been forwarding my email newsletters to his brother. His brother started poking around my website and then decided to call. We met and it turns out that he has a $2 million account he’d like to transfer.” -James McLellan

2. Blogs That Generate Engagement

Another firm, Conscious Capital, takes advantage of the blog on its FMG Suite website to serve as a hub for its multi-channel efforts. They regularly put together a “Sustainable Sunday” post that contains a short video and article about a sustainability-related topic. They then send out a “survey” in an email that goes to their network which drives traffic to the blog, as well as social media posts. They are able to create the blog post and schedule their email and social media promotions all from within the FMG Suite dashboard. 

As a result, they have over 3000 website visitors a month and generate new email newsletter signups every time they post a new Sustainable Sundays update. Not only has this boosted their SEO and helped build a stronger online presence, but it also helps them align with new potential clients who may appreciate a financial advisor who is passionate about the planet. 

This Facebook post from Conscious Capital promotes their unique values (sustainability) and drives traffic back to their website!

3. Harnessing the Power of Social Media

Another advisor and FMG Suite user, Joe Callahan of Callahan Financial, uses our content library to fuel his social media pages and email marketing. After just one year of using FMG Suite, his firm had benefited from 500+ shared social posts, 400+ email sends, and a 50% increase in followers and engagement on LinkedIn. 

By driving traffic to his website and staying active on email and social media, he was able to build stronger relationships with his clients and prospects.

Using FMG Suite For Multi-Channel Marketing

From the FMG Suite dashboard, you have tools to access six different marketing channels. We have the power to help you send emails, post to social media, create blogs, update your website, send printed greeting cards, and host an offline event.

For a walk-through of these tools, view this quick webinar replay. It has a comprehensive demo to show you how to access these tools from the FMG Suite dashboard, so you can get started with these powerful marketing strategies for financial advisors today.