According to the AARP, 45% of middle-aged Americans would rather visit the dentist than make an appointment with a financial advisor.

Why is that?

  • Most people distrust financial services as an industry
  • Prospects don’t know how to choose a “good” financial advisor
  • Many people aren’t clear on what an advisor does, making the process overwhelming
  • Money is emotional 
  • Some decisions can cause contention
  • Money can bring up negative feelings


How do we as an industry remedy this?

Answer: Content Marketing 

This is one of the best ways to improve this number and to get prospects and more clients more excited and less fearful about working with an advisor.

Content Marketing leverages the Mere Exposure Effect.

The more we are exposed to something, the more likely we are to say we like and trust it. When someone watches your videos, reads your words and hears you explain things, it can put them at ease. It makes them feel as if they “know” you. And psychology tells us that the more we feel we know someone, the more likely we are to trust them. Content marketing provides a way to share thoughts and build this trust.

Content Marketing removes “fear of the unknown.” 

What other tactic can work so well (and at scale!) in this industry? As a financial advisor, how has this worked for you? Have you shared content that you know is helping to put clients at ease, answer their questions and build trust BEFORE they ever even meet you?

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