After 22 years as the head of Demars Financial Group, David Demars has made a number of changes to his business and his marketing strategies. He has acquired six firms in recent years, including one in Alaska that is more than 3,000 miles from his office in Spokane, WA. Between the two locations, he and his team of three advisors serve 300 clients and $165M AUM, who are drawn to his comprehensive approach that includes investment advice, tax assistance, and financial planning.

Over the years, David made many attempts at marketing his business on his own. He’s tried a number of tactics, from traditional seminars and printed fliers to a large $25k investment that had little return. Without the right tools or an expert leading the way, David was lost and wasn’t sure how to measure his effectiveness and find the right strategies.


While David heard about FMG Suite more than six years ago, there were a few things that drew him to our platform. He was interested in the pre-approved FINRA articles, the integration of emails with pre-created content, the compliance integration, and access to his own coach.

David says his “biggest regret is not making the change sooner. I’m so glad that I’m now seeing this progress with my marketing.”

David currently has two FMG Suite websites for the two locations he serves and is in our Elevate program.

Managing two different offices is time-consuming for David, so he appreciates having everything in one place.

David also attributes the automated campaign to helping him stay top-of-mind with clients. He often gets responses from clients, who will have a question about their account or even a recommendation for a referral. One client recently reached out after receiving the FMG Suite birthday email and wanted to consolidate accounts with David. “It creates awareness, so clients know that I am there to help,” David says. Delivered annually on each client’s special day, the birthday email campaign is one of David’s favorites. It’s a simple concept to send a greeting to recognize a birthday but hard to execute when one has thousands of clients, and he’s seen first-hand how clients appreciate this personal touch.

Drawing from the FINRA-reviewed library of professionally written content, David regularly sends his clients pieces ranging from videos to infographics to custom printed magazines. As a busy advisor, it would be impossible for David to produce this content on his own.

As an FMG Suite Elevate subscriber, David enjoys having access to an expert Marketing Specialist. Together, they have developed an annual marketing plan to guide his firm’s marketing efforts. David also benefits from having someone to help with events, build a marketing calendar, and properly leverage automated campaigns. Every year, David hosts a client appreciation event that is powered by our pre-produced, ready-to-go Half-Time Report presentation. All he has to do is download the presentation and script, then present it to his clients, and David appreciates that it “creates a turnkey solution for me.”


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