We often get the question from financial advisors about how many lead generation opportunities is too many on their website. As landing pages, form fills, and content marketing soar, this is a great question. Our VP of Creative, Brandon Brown, and our Content Marketing Specialist, Marina Grindle, shed some light on this marketing question.

What is a Lead Gen Opportunity?

Before we get into how many opportunities is too many, let’s first look what a lead gen opportunity is. Essentially, a lead gen opportunity is a chance to get a website visitor’s information, such as their name and email address. This information is then imported into a CRM system, like Redtail, where you can create email drip campaigns and more.

How Much is Too Much?

While, like any marketing strategies, there is a line that becomes “too much” when it comes to lead gen, we don’t see this too often from advisors. If anything, we see lead gen opportunities being underutilized. Because of this, we want to encourage you to try lead gen out on your site to see the results and recommend not worrying about too many forms in the beginning. Through trial and error you might learn otherwise, but you want to try this strategy out at first to experience what works and what doesn’t.

Lead Generation Tips and Tricks

There are a few best practices to implement when putting lead gen forms on your site. Here are some of our top tips:

  • Think about friction when adding forms to your website. Friction refers to how hard it is for a website visitor to take action. More lead gen opportunities in the wrong places may increase friction (which is a bad thing!).
  • Strategically place your lead generation forms on smart places on your website, such as after you explain a complicated topic or as a gate to download content. Well-thought out forms will lead to higher conversion rates.
  • Keep your forms as short as possible. We suggest limiting them to 3-4 fields maximum. While it may be tempting to want to get all of your lead’s information, longer forms are less likely to be completed. Plus, you can always fish for that information once you get the lead in the door.

How are you using lead gen forms on your site? We would love to hear! Email us at [email protected]