There’s no point in avoiding it any longer. As a service professional, you need a LinkedIn profile to establish your legitimacy, connect with clients, and network with other professionals. Here’s how to get started:

  1. Go to On the home page, click on the button that says “Join now.” Enter your name, email, and a password.
  1. You will receive an email to verify your account. Once you go to your email and confirm your account, you can log on and get started.
  1. Some of the information you will be prompted to add will be a picture, your title, your company, a summary of your qualifications, your education, and other aspects of your professional life. You also have the option to invite your contacts to follow you on LinkedIn.

As you can see, setting up a LinkedIn profile is a simple process. The social network provides the opportunity to connect with professionals around the world and further your knowledge of your clients and industry. LinkedIn also offers many more categories to enhance your profile, such as your past projects, charities you support, volunteer experience, certifications, and more. LinkedIn provides users with the opportunity to extend the idea of an “online business card” into a much deeper exploration into your professional life.

Let’s look at some of the categories that might be helpful for service providers:

  • Summary: This is one aspect of your LinkedIn profile that you definitely shouldn’t overlook. Not only does it help potential clients understand what you do, but LinkedIn uses this information for SEO purposes, as well. Make sure you use keywords that explain your industry and emphasize what you can offer to future clients.
  • Skills and Endorsements: This is an area where you can explicitly state which skills you possess, and connections can “endorse” you for those skills. For example, if you put that you are proficient in Microsoft Office applications and three of your connections agree, they will endorse you, and it will show up on your profile.
  • Publications/Projects: These sections may be applicable if you worked on a long-term project and want to share it with your connections. You can add media such as images and videos to enhance your profile and show off your hard work.
  • Volunteer Experience: Depending on your background, this section may be an excellent way to show your connections what you care about outside of work. People love to work with professionals that they can develop a personal connection with. Volunteer experience and organizations that you support can help foster these connections.

Setting up a LinkedIn profile takes a few simple steps, but it’s important for service professionals to go beyond just setting up an account and make the most out of their connections. Taking advantage of these sections can help you take your LinkedIn profile to a new level.

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