Your new FMG Suite site is live and you’ve populated your social media platforms with great content. The next step is to connect your Twitter, Facebook business page, and LinkedIn page to your website to direct visitors to all your channels. Here, we will give you a step-by-step guide of how to connect your social media platforms to your website, as well as how to start scheduling automated content to go out to those channels.

Connecting Social Sites

1. Log into your FMG dashboard, where you can easily make changes to your website content and connect your social sites.

2. Click on the “Social” tab on the navigation on the left.

3. Three options will expand. Select “Connect Social Sites.”

This is the window that will appear before you have connected any social media profiles. You can see that you can quickly link your Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn pages.

4. Click on the links for each platform. For example, with Twitter, you click on “Add Twitter Profile.” You will see a screen asking for authorization.

After you authorize the application, your handle will be connected.

5. Repeat this for other social media handles.

Now that you have your social media platforms connected to your site, let’s explain how to start automating content on those platforms to share with your connections.

Scheduling Your Content

Utilizing FMG Suite’s rich library of over 300 pieces of content will take your new website and social media platforms to the next level. These simple instructions will get you started.

1. Log into your FMG Dashboard and go to the top right corner, where you will see a dropdown menu.

2. Select “Content.”

3. Here, you will see options of which content you would like to focus on sharing.

For example, if your firm is more focused on retirement planning than tax planning, you can adjust the sliders as necessary.

4. Once you have a mix of content that you’re happy with, go to the navigation on the left, select “Social,” and select the option labeled “Settings.”

5. Here is where you can schedule when your content is posted.

Choose how often you want your content going out to your audience once a day by selecting the days of the week at the top.

These simple steps will help you populate your website and social platforms with engaging, educational content, making it easy for your clients to stay informed. With our suite of content, website management and design aspects, we make content marketing easier for our clients.