You may have a personal LinkedIn page to spread information to your clients and stay updated in your industry, but it’s important to create a Company Page for your firm, as well. A Company Page provides the opportunity for individuals to learn about your business and adds credibility to your online presence. Follow these easy steps to get your business up and running on LinkedIn.

  1. First, you must have a LinkedIn profile with your real name and credentials. When on LinkedIn, hover over the “Interests” tab and select “Companies.”
  1. Click “Create” in the “Create a Company Page” box on the right.

  1. Enter the information for your company, including your official name and work email address. Click “Continue” to enter more information. Remember, your company’s page will go live right away, so make sure you populate it with information such as your specialities, website, address, industry, and contact information.

Once your Company Page is created, you can start posting updates from that page as well as your personal page.

Wondering if your firm actually needs a LinkedIn Company page? Check out our advice in our marketing tip video.