When most advisors think of giving a presentation they envision this: a large banquet hall, setting up 100 chairs and that lingering fear that something might go wrong with the slides! In the past you’ve taught advisors how to present in these large group settings, now your job will be teach your advisors how to present to clients on a social media platform.

Social media has offered advisors the ability to present their unique message on multiple platforms from the comfort of their own desks. Learning how to give presentations through social media is a new skill, but once learned it can move and advisor’s business ahead in significant ways. Here are three ways you can teach advisors to use social media as a presentation platform.

#1 Connect With Clients

I visit dozens of advisors’ social sites each week, and am constantly surprised by the number of advisors who have gone to the trouble of setting up social pages and even posting regularly on them, but who have not invited clients to connect with them. Encourage your advisors to invite clients to connect with them. Make sure they mention these pages in conversation so clients will know that they are actively engaged on social pages.

Tell your advisors: You cannot give a presentation on social media if you have no one to present to! Your social connections are your presentation attendees.

 #2 Post Valuable Content

Once connected with clients it is important to offer them valuable, well written content that speaks to their interests. It can be challenging to generate well written, compliant content and that is why we suggest the FMG Social product for your advisors, which allows them to access a library of content well suited for their social pages. Just like any presentation, the content posted on social media should have a beginning, middle and an end.  This includes a call to action.

Tell your advisors: Consider posts like office presentations. After sharing your knowledge, always invite clients to move forward to the next step, a visit to your office.

#3 Follow Up on Interest

After clients show an interest on social pages, advisors need to pick up the phone and reach out to them! They should be using analytics and watching for ‘shares’ and ‘like’ to monitor which clients are showing interest in which topics. This will give them great insight into what steps they are looking to take in their financial future.

Tell your advisors: Social media may be new, but the rules of engagement never change. After a client or prospect shows interest in any topic, pick up the phone and start a conversation.

Following these three steps on social media will help advisors transform their social sites into presentation platforms. Presentations have always been, and will continue to be the way to engage and educate clients. Don’t allow your advisors to miss the opportunity to adapt to changing presentation platforms.