Did you know that the way that website forms are structured can make all the difference whether they generate leads? Each piece of information your advisor asks for on a form is called a “field.” The ideal number of fields on a form is three. It’s safe to ask for a name, email address, and possibly a phone number.

Beyond that, every piece of information requested decreases the effectiveness of the form by about 15%. So if your advisor is asking for eight pieces of information, you do the math! Keep it down to three fields and get more referrals from website forms.

Good websites make it very easy for visitors to make contact and start a conversation. There should be simple, “Have a Question?” forms on every page of the site. And whenever a visitor sends in a form, your advisor should respond within 24 hours. Don’t let that warm lead get cold! Invite advisors to listen to Dave Christensen, CTO at FMG Suite, talk about the power of “popping the question.” This is a skill that will increase business for every advisor!