It’s not uncommon for us to receive amazing feedback from our clients, many of whom share incredible success stories. From building an influential online presence to gaining new clients to landing million dollar accounts, financial advisors using our marketing automation platform see results from day one.

Patrick Lanza, of Lambert Lanza, CPAs in Pensacola, Florida, is a Cambridge Investment Research financial advisor who has enjoyed his FMG Suite website for almost two years. He was happy to share his marketing successes.

How did you first learn about FMG Suite and why did you decide to choose us for your website?

FMG Suite is approved by my broker-dealer and I enjoy being able to have a site up and running with compliance tie-in.

How have the FMG Suite tools helped with your marketing efforts?

You have continued to provide great content that my clients enjoy. I’m excited to explore additional benefits and see what else FMG has to offer.

Have you received any positive feedback from clients or prospects about our tools?

My clients especially enjoy the monthly video newsletter because it is full of engaging information and provides my email list with a video that sparks their financial planning interest.

What do you like most about your FMG Suite website?

I love that all FMG sites come loaded with dynamic, ever-changing content. Often in our industry, websites become stale and aren’t updated with timely information. With FMG’s content library, I know my website is always being updated with the newest video, article, or presentation.

Would you recommend FMG Suite to other advisors? If so, why?

Yes, I would recommend your services because we have received positive results and new client contact from our website.

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