4 Reasons For The Return of Market Volatility

The long-term growth of the S&P 500 came to an unexpected halt in early February, sparking panic among investors who could not see a decisive reason for the 6% drop. Even now, people are struggling to explain exactly what caused the downturn, leading to a lack of confidence among investors.

If your clients come to you with questions about what caused the sudden drop, how will you answer? FMG Suite has created a comprehensive whitepaper that explores the minutia that triggered February’s downturn, including:

  • What confluence of factors triggered the volatile trading
  • The outlook for interest rates for 2018
  • How to settle the nerves of investors, who went through an unprecedented period of low market volatility

If you want to prepare for any client conversations ahead, download FMG Suite’s comprehensive whitepaper for a thorough exploration of what the market holds!

4 Reasons For The Market Volatility

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