We’ve shared before that episodic content is quickly rising in popularity, and is an effective marketing strategy, particularly if you’re on a tight budget. Once you’ve created your series of content – whether they’re blog articles, videos, or presentations – you need to market them and build traffic. Here are five simple ways to drive more traffic, interest, and buzz to your episodic content.

1. Create an Image Series

Create a single image or series of related images that represent your series. Using a memorable and familiar image will help your audience remember your series and make them more inclined to click on and interact with your newest piece of content.

2. Send an Email Campaign

Every time you release a new piece of content, you should send an email to our contacts. For your series, you may want to create a newsletter devoted to it, with its own style and design. When a new piece in your series is posted, send an email with a teaser of what’s in your content, such as a question you answer or an outline of what you’ll cover. For the subject line and/or headline, use your series’ name or number, such as “Building Your Legacy: Part 2” or “Step 4 on Your Path to Retirement.”

3. Promote on Social Media with a Hashtag

Start using a hashtag for your series, such as #RetirementinFocus if your series is on retirement. A hashtag will make it easy for people to see your past posts on the same topic and know what you’re referring to when you announce the latest episode in your series.

4. Link to and Reference Your Previous Episodes

In every episode, remind your audience of your previous episodes. In the beginning of a post, you can mention “In last week’s episode…” (or something along those lines) and then link to that episode. This helps you build your links and encourage people to stay on your website longer. At the end of every piece, link to all pieces in the series.

5. Keep the Lights On

Even after your series is over, keep marketing them. Share them via social media and email a few months later to remind your audience that they can re-read or re-watch them if they missed any of the episodes. Encourage them to share with their friends, as well. This will help you keep pushing traffic to your series and make the most of your efforts.

Creating episodic content can be some of your most entertaining content and the most enjoyable to create. Keep trying new ways to share your content and extend its lifecycle. If you experience success with your series, consider returning a few months later for a second season!