Here at FMG Suite, we are in the process of a “Marketing Makeover” for one lucky advisor! We are partnering with the best providers of digital marketing services and leveraging our suite of digital marketing tools. The result will be a white paper that studies what works, what doesn’t and what we learned from the process.

As a very first step, we’re tackling an outdated logo from 1996. Take a look at the “Before” logo that includes clipart design elements and too many colors that clutter a well-designed website.


We took advantage of the FMG Suite special using code “FMGSuite” with the folks over at to get 30% off a logo design contest.

The logo contest ran for one week, cost $300, and was a lot of fun. There were over 30 submissions, with at least 10 strong contenders. We consulted with our head of design, Brandon Brown, and chose the best five designs for the advisor to choose from. He loved the logo below to move forward with. LogoBids designers typically create a version of the logo to use on light and dark backgrounds, as well as a one color version so the advisor will have all he needs for his website, printed materials and promotional items. Once the prize money is awarded, the logo is property of the advisor.