Kayla Gettle is the Marketing Manager for many LPL financial advisors and was more than happy to share her positive experiences at FMG Suite. She especially loves our user-friendly dashboard and pre-approved content. Read on to see what she shared with us:

How did you first learn about FMG Suite and how did you decide to choose FMG Suite for your website and digital marketing?

I first learned about FMG Suite through advisors affiliated with LPL Financial. 

How have the FMG Suite tools helped with your marketing efforts?

The FMG Suite tools have helped with my marketing efforts by streamlining the process and freeing up time for other tasks. 

Do you have a favorite FMG tool? If so, which one and why?

The Admin Dashboard is my favorite FMG tool. The Dashboard allows me to make revisions to various websites on behalf of our advisors, all from one place. 

Have you experienced any specific successes using our tools? Or received any positive feedback from clients or prospects?

We have received a lot of positive feedback from advisors looking to utilize FMG Suite websites as they transition to Good Life Advisors, LLC. They like that they have access to the pre-approved content and calculators, in addition to the professional look and feel. 

What do you like most about your FMG website?

I like the look and feel of our FMG Suite website. It is very eye-catching and professional.

Would you recommend FMG to other advisors? If so, why?

I will be recommending FMG Suite websites to all of our future advisors because they are very visually appealing, professional, and super user-friendly.

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