We love our apps. The average smartphone user spends nearly 3 hours a day in apps and accesses close to 40 apps per month. To make matters even more complicated there are over 6 million apps to chose from! One of the fastest growing categories of apps is ‘productivity’. But searching through millions of productivity apps… is not that productive.

If you’re struggling to find the time to balance your marketing tasks with running your financial practice we found the best productivity apps to help you save a little time.

1. Accompany

As an advisor, you are meeting new people on a daily basis, whether they’re referrals, clients, centers of influence, or potential strategic partners. It’s not easy remembering the details of every contact on the fly. This is where Accompany can help. Think of this app as your meeting cheat sheet. When you add a new contact in your calendar, Accompany provides you with an Executive Briefing in your inbox that includes the person’s professional history, key company information, and any relevant news. You can even find data on various companies, from quarterly reports to SEC filings.

2. Toggl

Have you ever wondered how long a work task actually takes to complete? Or wanted to determine which projects you should outsource? With Toggl, you can track the time it takes for tasks, organize your work into projects, and send reports to yourself. This is a particularly helpful app if you have employees, such as an assistant, and want to see which projects take up most of their time. You may find that your email marketing is taking several more hours than you anticipated, so it’s best to use a tool like FMG Suite Campaigns to save you those precious hours. For a great review of Toggl check out the one at Time Doctor.

3. MailTime

Email can seem like Groundhog Day. The moment you clear your inbox, it fills up again and you start over again. Especially when the markets drop or tax day approaches, you may face hundreds of emails every day, making it hard to organize and prioritize. MailTime seeks to make your inbox a little more organized. When you’re trading emails all day long, the threads make the conversation difficult to follow. MailTime turns these threads into conversations, similar to what you see when you text message on your phone. Additionally, the smart inbox sorts conversations into different categories so your client emails take priority over newsletters or junk mail.

4. 1Password

Internet best practices say you should have a unique, long, multi-character password for every account and login. But how can anyone keep track of 30+ unique passwords and usernames for all of your accounts? Enter 1Password. This secure dashboard saves your passwords and usernames into sites with one click. Access them at any time and, depending on the account, you can autofill the information into the fields when it’s time to log into an account. The great thing about 1Password is that you can choose where and how you store your data and keep it in sync. You can keep your data offline or sync with Dropbox, iCloud, or your wireless network. With 1Password, you’ll only need to remember one password, saving you time and aggravation.

5. Pomotodo

If you work in a busy office or frequently get bombarded by phone calls and interruptions, let Pomotodo help you stay focused. Based on the Pomodoro Technique (working for 25-minute segments with a five-minute break), Pomotodo features a full workflow management that allows you to schedule works, finish tasks, and receive a work insights report. By chunking your tasks into easy to manage 25 minute periods of productivity, you’ll be taking advantage one of the most universally accepted strategies for success out there. With the Pro account, you can also integrate with Todo, set goals, and customize your work time duration.

With these apps, you can speed up the time you spend on marketing and feel more productive throughout your work day. As there are millions of apps out there, explore the app store to find similar ones that meet your needs and fit your work style. Don’t forget to share your recommendations with us!

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