Robo-advising technologies are becoming more popular than ever, which leaves many advisors asking themselves “how do I market my robo-advisor offering?”

This is a really important question because as a financial advisor, you want to position yourself as the preferred option compared to technology alone, but also want to emphasize your planning technology. How do you focus on technology without putting yourself out of business?

In this marketing tip video, Brandon and Marina explain that when marketing your robo-advisor offering, you should really focus on what this technology provides for clients. While you might have been drawn to your tech integrations because of all the bells and whistles the promote, at the end of the day your clients will be more concerned with how your integrations help them. Some questions to answer when drafting up your marketing materials include:

  • How will this software help my clients?
  • What client needs does this technology address?
  • How does this tool complement the planning I offer?
  • How will this robo-advisor offering help my clients pursue their goals?

As you can see, all these questions are very client-centric and while they pivot on the technology, they are more focused on the people using it – your clients!

Another thing to consider when marketing your robo-advisor offering is positioning it as a complement to your existing practice. It’s important to understand that your robo-platforms aren’t an alternate part of your practice, but instead a tool that builds on the comprehensive services you already offer. It’s not one or the other, human advisor or robo-advisor, but a harmonious relationship between the two.

This article, Implementing a Robo Advisor Strategy, from IRIS does a great job of explaining this marketing concept in more detail.