Your Mid-Year Marketing Check Up

Whether you’re ready for it or not, we’ve hit the mid-year mark. If marketing was one of your business New Year’s resolutions, you’re halfway there and it’s now time to check in and see how your strategies are performing.

Not at the six-month mark for your marketing? You can still use this helpful guide on a regular basis to check in with your marketing strategies and see what’s working and what needs attention.

This guide will help you review 40 questions to ask and answer regarding:

  • The performance of your website, including the top pages
  • How clients and prospects respond to your content
  • What social media posts garner the most likes and shares
  • Opportunities for improving your email marketing results
  • How you can improve your current marketing efforts
  • What marketing strategies need improvement


This guide will guide you through 40 questions to ask and answer regarding your multiple marketing strategies.

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