Our Monthly Market Insights campaign is a great, easy way to deliver timely, valuable content to your clients and prospects. This automated campaign — available on our Connect™ and Attract™ plans — keeps your contacts informed of recent events affecting their and the world’s finances, all while keeping yourself and your firm top-of-mind.

But no matter how important the content, if your contacts have gotten used to seeing the same email in their inbox on a monthly basis they — like all of us — are likely to grow disengaged.

We want to be sure that our campaigns serve their purpose by helping you stay in touch while keeping your contacts up-to-date, so we’re dedicated to revisiting our campaign content and design to be sure your clients and prospects stay engaged and informed each month. 

Eager for more?

  • Click here to read an article from our Knowledge Base with more details about our Monthly Market Insights campaign.
  • Ready to see the campaign in action? Click here to view the most recent video and commentary! With this campaign activated, we’ll automatically email your contacts each month with a link to a page on your site with this timely (and, let’s face it, well-designed) video and write up.