Each month, we collect our most recent updates into a blog post for you to explore. Discover our latest content, product updates, and resources below.


Beyond our weekly and monthly market insights, we have new content available, including:

  • “Biden Signs Infrastructure Bill” also included as an email
  • “Life Insurance Myths: Debunked” also included as an Infographic
  • “Inflation and the Real Rate of Return”


  • “Biden Signs Infrastructure Bill” also included as an article
  • “Is Inflation Peaking?”
  • “Powell News Kicks Off Volatile Season?”
  • “The Power of the Consumer”
  • “Updated Premiums and Deductibles for Medicare”
  • “Remembering Pearl Harbor”

We also added new emails for Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, and Diwali, just in time for the holidays. 


  • “Life Insurance Myths: Debunked” also included as an article


  • The Pre-Retiree Primer Campaign
  • Holiday Campaign, “What Are Your Most Cherished Holiday Memories?” contains a video for the holidays. 


  • “Rising Waters”
  • “Insured at Every Stage: Starting Out”
  • “Insured at Every Stage: Getting Married”
  • “Insured at Every Stage: Raising a Family”
  • “Insured at Every Stage: The Golden Years”
  • (Updated) “Retirement Questions for Educators”


New Exclusive Theme

Chico has replaced Downey and is now live. The goal of Chico is to provide clear calls to action and an area for you to showcase your most popular services and products. It is also our first theme in quite some time to feature a hamburger-style menu.

See a sample of the Chico theme here.

Mobile App Preview Option

You no longer need to be an FMG Suite customer to experience our mobile app. A demo account can now be accessed with a single click from the login screen. From here, you can browse all the content available in the app, including editing content, sharing, and more.

Mobile App Social Post Zoom Option

Users can now click to enlarge any images included in our social posts, making it easier to read the text on included graphics.