Each month, we collect our most recent updates into a blog post for you to explore. Discover our latest content, product updates, and resources below. 


Beyond our weekly and monthly market insights, we have new content available, including:

  • “What does a name change mean for the world’s biggest companies?”
  • “Are Capital Gains Taxes Changing?”
  • “When Bad News Is Good News”
  • “Estate Taxes May Be Amended Soon” 
  • “4 Financial Strategies for Physicians” (Updated Whitepaper)
  • “2022 Tax Planning” (Whitepaper)
  • “Buying a Vacation Home? 5 Questions to Consider First” (Infographic)


  • “Retirement and Quality of Life”
  • “16 Wall Street Cliches in 60 Seconds” (Video of the Month Campaign)


  • “The Social Security Administration Announces 2022 COLA!”
  • “Native American Heritage Month”
  • “Gridlock in the Supply Chain”
  • “2022 Tax Contributions”
  • “Medicare Newsletter for Q4 2021” (This quarterly newsletter is live for JSA and Agent Xcelerator users who are synced to the “FMG Suite: Medicare” Agency)

Additional Content Updates:

The Automated Referral Campaign has been revamped! This campaign has received a makeover, including:

  • New and improved outgoing emails and a redesigned landing page
  • Multiple referrals can now come from a single source
  • No longer tied to an ebook download so it feels more fresh every quarter

Updated Greeting Card Prices:

  • Cards are now $2.75/ea. For the majority of users, this means costs have been reduced from $3.50/card. For users in some Enterprise Programs, this means prices have gone up ever-so-slightly from $2.50/card
  • We now have BULK pricing. If your order contains 20+ cards, then we’ll charge a reduced rate of $2.25/card
  • No more special/unique pricing based on your BD. The pricing above applies to all users in all programs.


  • Last month our Modernization Team made updates to improve the performance of the FMG Suite dashboard. This month, these updates are making their way to Direct Compliance pages, improving both the user interface and behind-the-scenes performance.


  • Full-Width Update for FMG Suite Dashboard: All areas of FMG Suite, including the Compliance, Publisher, Subscriber admin areas, and their respective white labels will see this update. Users with a monitor resolution larger than 1500 pixels will see a full-screen interface without the empty areas on the left and right sides. Users with lower screen resolutions, like on laptop screens, will not see a change to their interface.
  • Activity Data for CRM Integrations: We’re rolling out a new feature this month for all four of our CRM integrations that allow users to publish notes and activities to their CRM when FMG Suite does something important!

What events are supported?

  • Unsubscribe from email marketing
  • Send an email (campaign, sequence, and custom emails)
  • Completes a website form

Then what happens?

Each CRM that we integrate works slightly differently. In some systems we can attach an “activity log,” in others we can only write a “note.”

  • Redtail: Write an activity note
  • Wealthbox: Write a note
  • Salesforce: Write a note
  • Ebix SmartOffice: Write a SmartPad note.

How will this rollout?

We won’t disrupt anyone’s integration workflow today.

  • Existing users: The setting is off, but a user can open their configuration screen to enable this.
  • New Users: The setting will be off by default but the user can change the configuration at any time.

Can we “catch up” for missed activity notifications?

If the setting was off, then there’s no catching up for past activities. Posting activities only work when the setting is enabled.