We are excited to share that we have released a new Basic Setup website theme, Moonlight.

Moonlight is an amazing new theme unlike its five sibling themes. Supporting a banded layout, advanced sectional editing, and more, this new release reflects our commitment to providing a modern website design experience. In the simplest of terms, we made it really easy for anyone to create a great looking website.

Some of Moonlight’s features include:

A New Hero Rotator

Forget one basic color. With Moonlight, the backdrop to the rotator section features a design from the specific video.

Stacking Full Width Sections

Many clients told us they liked the look of long web pages with “strips” of content. Now you can create your own stacked website. With the new sections, creating content is as simple as seeing it, clicking it, and building it. This is now available for all other themes as well!

A New Sectional Editor

We expanded our library of sections to make it easy for you to create the content you want. Without having to know any code, you can choose a headline, button, paragraph text, images, and more. This is now available for all other themes as well!

Sections Available on Custom Pages

You can now build any custom page using sections, just like the homepage editor.This is now available for all other themes as well!

Advanced Section Options

We now give you more advanced options so you can add full width backgrounds, parallax designs, and style options to any section. This is now available for all other themes as well!

If you have a current Basic Setup website with us, you can change to the Moonlight theme and customize yourself, or use our new Concierge Service. If you aren’t signed up with us yet, what are you waiting for? Learn more about our website options.

Learn more about Moonlight and our other new features: