It’s not uncommon for us to receive amazing feedback from our clients, many of whom share incredible success stories. From building an influential online presence to gaining new clients to landing million dollar accounts, financial advisors using our marketing automation platform see results from day one.

Rey Descalso, a financial planner with Privada Wealth Management, is one of countless independent advisors who loves FMG Suite’s tools, from the simplicity of our websites to the automation and time-saving capabilities of our email newsletter tool. Discover how his website has helped him generate more leads and why he recommends FMG Suite’s tools to all advisors.

How did you first learn about FMG Suite and how did you decide to choose FMG Suite for your website and digital marketing?

I was in a competitive situation trying to win over a large prospect. While doing research on my competition, I found their website and discovered that it was an FMG Suite website. I liked how it looked so I called FMG Suite and got started.

How have the FMG Suite tools helped with your marketing efforts?

The Email Campaigns tool does a great job at directing people back to my website. Existing clients often reply with quick questions regarding the newsletter’s topic so I know they’re engaged. This wasn’t the case with any other email newsletter service. Also, prospects have reached out to me through my website’s contact and newsletter sign up forms. Together with the Email Campaigns and Website tools, my clients and prospects are constantly reminded of my firm.

Have you experienced any successes using our tools?

I find that prospects who set appointments with me visit my website 80% of the time. My custom content and the FMG Suite Content Library on my website helps them get to know me and my firm, see the educational resources we provide, and and serves as an icebreaker of sorts.

What do you like most about your FMG website?

It’s clean, crisp and mobile-friendly. I recently added the Nest Egg Guru widget to my website. It’s a unique, simplified and effective tool that a client or prospect can use. I see it as a value added benefit for having been directed to my website. Furthermore, when I’m using it with prospects and clients I can use it on my website, which reinforces my branding.

Would you recommend FMG to other advisors?

Yes, it’s an easy, automated website that will compete with anyone. The platform has been easy to work with and it’s so fast to make changes to your website. Customer Service has also been proactive, especially in terms of the FINRA BrokerCheck required link, and helpful.

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