Your website comes loaded with award-winning content to share with your clients and prospects. From articles on life insurance to videos about retirement and college planning, the resources on your website help to position your firm as a source for valuable information and thoughtful guidance.

You can also create your own pages or blog—to share your unique perspective on the industry and to speak from personal experience. That content is truly special and something that visitors to your website cannot find anywhere else.

So you’ve got the content, now how do you turn that content into leads? Great question! Watch the video below or read on to learn about a powerful new tool that will help you do just that.

Our Page Gating tool lets you add a popup form to any page on your website, requiring visitors to provide their contact information before they are able to view content on your site. From unique blog posts to resource-packed custom pages, you can now turn almost any page on your site into a valuable lead source.

Good Fences Gates Make Great Leads!

With our page gating feature, you have the power to decide what content is gated:

  • Think you’ve crafted a really valuable blog post, full of unique tips and tricks? Lock that gate, share the content on social media and start gathering those leads!
  • Do you have a page full of helpful links or calculators? Don’t give away those resources for free! Gate that page and watch the leads pour in!
  • Put our content to work for you: the combination of our Social Foundations campaign and our page gating tool is a recipe for a serious lead generating strategy! Enable page gating on the Content Library, activate your Social Foundations campaign and now each click is a possible lead.

Complete Control

It’s up to you to decide who gets “free” access to your content and who does not:

  • By default, all the content on your site is “ungated” and available to all of your site visitors
  • You can gate content for visitors coming from social media, then start sharing and collecting leads!
  • You can also choose to gate content for visitors who found a page on your site through a search engine (“organic traffic”)
  • You can even decide to require contact information for everyone trying to access content on your website.

Rest assured: if a visitor has already provided their contact information, our tool is suite enough not to ask again!

Best Practices

  • We’ve given you the power to gate content for all visitors to your site, but that’s not our favorite setting here. We think the suite spot is to enable page gating for visitors coming from social media and search engines. These are users who have seen a preview of the content you’re looking to share and have decided they’re interested in reading more.
  • When you get a new lead, we will send you an email with the lead’s contact information and let you know what page on your website the visitor viewed. Use this information in your follow up! Perhaps your prospect was reading an article on estate planning? Send a video they might like! Let’s say this lead was checking out a blog post about college planning. Follow up with a college savings calculator!
  • You’ve heard it before and we’ll say it again: blogging is invaluable. Your blog is your space to create and share completely unique content on the web. But, like your social media profiles, a stale blog is only going to leave a stale taste in your visitor’s mouths. Keep it fresh to keep your reputation as a thoughtful commentator growing! And now, with our page gating feature, you can put your blog to work to help you gather some valuable leads.
    Pssst: a well-maintained blog will also provide a boost to your SEO!

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