with Kelly Welker, Renaissance Wealth Management Group of Texas

What made you choose FMG Suite for your website and marketing tools?

I had previously tried two different website companies and was not impressed with either. I felt the options they offered were limited and did not have a good experience working with them. I wanted a website that could be tailored to my unique niche, NFL players. When I found FMG Suite, the main selling point wasn’t just their websites, but also the content and other marketing tools they offer.

Fast forward to the launch of your FMG Suite website. Are you happy with the results?

I love my website! It is very customized and speaks to my market – which includes NFL players. My website has only been live for a few months, but I’ve already been getting a lot more exposure. People are visiting my website and my social media fans and followers have increased quite a bit.

Any quantifiable successes so far?

I just recently landed a large account from a website referral. Someone saw one of my social media posts, which led them to my website. They called my office, we set up a meeting, and they became a client. In my 17 years of business, this has never happened, even with my previous website!

You’re actively using the entire FMG Suite of tools. How do you like them?

The tools work really well together and I’m enjoying all of them. My custom Video Live videos look professional, help me share my message, and are perfect to share on social media. No other website company offers something quite like this. I’ve received a lot of compliments on my website and my mobile app. With the social media tool, it has been so easy to schedule posts, which have driven traffic back to my website.

If you had to choose your favorite feature of FMG Suite, what would it be?

I really like the content library. The whiteboard presentations are engaging, the videos are educational, and the articles are well-written. I don’t have the time to create articles on my own, so this updated content helps me look more professional and drives people to my website when shared by email newsletter on my social media pages.

While this isn’t an actual tool or service, I am very impressed by the corporate culture at FMG Suite. When I attended their “Marketing Bootcamp,” I saw just how much Craig Faulkner and his team treated us more like family than customers. I learned so much in those two days, not only about marketing, but also about the features of each FMG Suite tool. It was the best $1,000 I’ve spent on my marketing!

Any advice for advisors either considering or already working with FMG Suite?

I think advisors are missing out if they don’t use all of the tools. They all complement one another and help market your business. I find the FMG Suite tools, especially the social media tool, really help drive traffic back to your website and help people find you online.