It’s summer, which means you hopefully have time to take that well-deserved family vacation and catch up on some industry (and entertaining!) reading. We’re sharing five of our favorite books about the financial services industry, marketing, and business ownership. Prop up that beach chair, dig your toes into the sand, and put on your reading glasses:

Gratitude Marketing®

By Michael F. Sciortino

We talk a lot about the difference between inbound and outbound marketing, but what is Gratitude Marketing®? Coined by author Michael Sciortino, Gratitude Marketing® refers to the process of building relationships with clients through marketing and attempting to relate to them on a personal, rather than sales, level. It’s a great read for financial advisors who enjoy the personal aspects of their job (which we suspect is quite a few of you!).

Traction: Get a Grip on Your Business

By Gino Wickman

As you’ve grown your business from being a single advisor, to having a few assistants, to likely bringing other professionals on board, you have had to face different concerns than you did in the beginning. In this book by Gino Wickman, you will learn what an Entrepreneurial Operating System is and how it can impact the growth and enjoyment at your company.

The Excellent Investment Advisor

By Nick Murray

This book has been called “incredible,” a “must-read for anyone in the financial planning/advising field,” and “inspirational.” Although it’s nearly 20 years old, author Nick Murray still touches on philosophies and ideologies that ring true in the industry. It also has some easy and effective marketing tips to learn from.

The Long Tail: Why the Future of Business is Selling Less of More

By Chris Anderson

As a financial advisor, developing a niche market is the key to differentiating yourself. Any advisor can offer products and services, but it’s your personality and experience that sets you apart. So how do you market to that idea? The Long Tail goes into the powerful forces that drive our economy, abundance, and the “market of multitudes.”

Purple Cow

By Seth Godin

We’ve quoted Seth Godin multiple times in our Live Video Broadcasts and blog posts because he is an influential thought leader that knows his stuff when it comes to marketing. In his book, Purple Cow, he dives into how the traditional “P’s” of marketing — pricing, promotion, and publicity — are no longer adequate. Instead, there is a fourth “P” that sets the best companies and marketers apart: Purple Cow. Godin will show you how to put a Purple Cow, or phenomenal aspect, into everything you do and differentiate yourself from your competition.

We hope you enjoy these summer picks and that you find the time to read others, as well. If you come across one you think we missed, email us at [email protected] or comment below! We would love to broaden our literary horizons with you.