New York Time columnist sheds light on practical tactics to connect with clients and ease their anxieties.

A Certified Financial Planner and creator of The Behavior Gap, Carl Richards has discovered that the most powerful tactic to help a client that’s thinking irrationally isn’t to explain the details and numbers behind their scenario but to understand the emotional reasons for their perspective, and break down their goals and issues through storytelling. This is what led to his weekly column in the New York Times: The Sketch Guy.

In this absolutely information-loaded discussion, Mike Woods gets Carl Richards to reveal practical and tactical advice that will help financial advisors connect with their clients and keep them thinking rationally more easily than you thought possible. Listen to this discussion right now to discover:

  • How to approach important challenges and issues troubling your clients in a way that will bring them to a rational mindset and give them confidence in the plan you’ve built for them.
  • Secrets to opening up effective email communication with new prospects (and practical advice to make sure you get the ROI you’re looking for from email marketing).
  • How to focus all your communications—meetings, presentations, emails… whatever—to make sure your audience always walks away with the exact message you want them to hear.

Do not skip this important conversation with this behavior expert and financial industry thought leader. If you have time to listen to ONE conversation on connecting with your clients and the marketplace, this is it!

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