Industry veteran discusses the benefits of digital marketing, and why advisors can’t afford to avoid it anymore

As FMG Suite’s VP of Business Development who has served financial advisors for more than 25 years, Greg Woodbury has gained unique insight into how advisors think about marketing – or rather, how they don’t think about it.

In this episode, Greg joins our host Mike Woods to discuss why advisors who wish to remain competitive must stop making marketing an afterthought. Incorporating social media, email, and relationship building using digital marketing is critical to keep advisors relevant in the digital age.

Advisors, assistants, and marketing managers should tune in for actionable insights, including:

  • Which digital marketing tactics advisors can implement easily and quickly
  • Tips to leverage social media to deepen relationships today
  • Why advisors need to focus on building relationships—not just SEO—in order to gain new clients

While acknowledging that financial advisors are not marketers, this episode of the Market in Motion Podcast explains why embracing digital marketing can help advisors generate leads, land new clients, and remain competitive in the future.

How are successful financial advisors getting ahead? What are the major trends and challenges affecting financial advisors today? Which strategies and tactics do you need to grow faster? Find out here in the Market in Motion Podcast for Financial Advisors by FMG Suite, where we discuss the most important issues affecting financial advisors with the industry’s leading figures.

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