Secrets to creating a winning succession plan for financial advisors

What does an advisory owner really need to have in order when they’re preparing for retirement and succession? For 25 years Susan Danzig has been helping financial services professionals understand their value, create and execute marketing strategies, and provide guidance for the long-term development and growth of their advisory. Over the course of that career, Susan has gained powerful insight into what an advisory needs to thrive past their original owner’s retirement.

In this episode, Mike Woods, Kirk Faulkner, and Susan Danzig dive deep into:

  • The surprising details that go into a great succession plan, and when you want to get the ball rolling
  • Why defining and refining your brand and advisory’s identity plays a bigger role in your succession plan than you might expect
  • The unexpected aspects that can make your advisory attractive to outside buyers

If you think there’s any possibility of your advisory or your book of business staying active past retirement, don’t miss this important episode with one of the financial service industry’s leading experts. Some of the most important steps you can take will need action much sooner than you may realize!

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