We know that requesting referrals from your clients can be a riddle at best; at worst, it can be downright awkward. What to say? When to send? How to ask?
But we also know that referrals can be a great source for new clients!

With the release of our Referral Program, we’ll handle all these tough questions and help you gather pre-qualified prospects so you can cross this painful task off your to-do list.

We took a good long look at this brow-furrowing, nausea-inducing project and we’ve come up with a winning formula:

  • A unique email sent to your contacts each quarter with a request for referrals
  • A landing page on your website, where your clients can easily submit their friend’s contact information
  • An immediate ‘thank you’ to your referrers, in the form of a customized ebook
  • An introductory email to your new prospect

A New Landing Page

Your landing page is the hub of your referral program. Whether they get there from your automated campaign or another way, submitting their friends’ contact info is easy and enticing. Once submitted, your client will have the opportunity to download our ebook Great American Getaways as a ‘thank you’ for their referral.

With this new page available on your site, you have the opportunity to get creative and elicit referrals above-and-beyond your quarterly campaign emails:

  • Include a link to this page in your email signature*
  • Write a blog post on LinkedIn about your services and include a link to this page, so your current clients can refer their friends
  • After meeting with a client, include a link to this page in your follow up email. This is a great time to request a referral since your services are top-of-mind!

*We’ll add a link to this page to all of your other automated campaign emails — but you may want to add a link to your Outlook signature, too!

Keeping You in the Loop

We’ll let you know whenever a new referral has been submitted: both the client who referred their friend and, most importantly, exactly who was referred and how to follow up with them.

We’ll automatically send an email to the referral, letting them know who suggested you may be of assistance and offering them a chance to connect—but it’s also a great idea to follow up with a phone call or personal message.

A New Section in your FMG Suite Admin

Want to take a look at who has been sending in referrals? Or perhaps you’re about to meet with a prospect and you’d like a reminder about who referred them? Easy!

We’ve added a new section to your admin: “Referrals.” Navigate to this new page to see a complete history of your Referral program.

Speaking of referrals…

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