We get it, you’re busy and content marketing is hard. Getting the most traction out of the pieces you create will help save you time, resources, and will even generate a new audience. Below are five of our favorite ways to repurpose content.

Turning Old Blog Posts into Whitepapers

If you notice that you’ve posted a few blog posts about a similar topic, it might be a good time to group those posts and turn them into a longer piece like a whitepaper or guide. For example, we turned our many posts on social media into our whitepaper, The Financial Advisor’s Guide to Social Media.

Turn Data Into Case Studies

If you are using a Client Relationship Management software or manually keeping track of your clients, you likely have a lot of data about their investments, portfolio performance, engagement, and more. While case studies can be a bit of a compliance tip-toe, you can use this (anonymous) data to create case studies of your own.

Case studies are similar to testimonials because they establish proof that the tools or services you offer work. They are often framed as stories, showing the progress of one customer’s journey. A customer may have a problem, turn to a company, and find a way to solve their problem. For example, in a previous Live Video Broadcast, we showed how advisors solved a problem using FMG Suite products. In contrast, a testimonial is often a customer saying something positive about your company but not sharing how they use the tools. Both are great marketing aspects, but it’s important to understand the difference. Read more about case studies in our blog post here.

Turn a Presentation into a SlideShare

Any financial advisor who has hosted an event with a PowerPoint presentation understands the hard work that goes into preparing these slides. And thanks to SlideShare, LinkedIn’s slide sharing social media, you can reuse and recycle this material.

Chances are, there were people who wanted to attend your presentation but were unable to. By posting your slide deck on SlideShare, you can make it easy for prospects and clients to receive the information and get even more traction out of your hard work. You can also easily embed SlideShares into your blog, post them on social media, and direct traffic back to your site. Content marketing is one big loop and recycling content closes some gaps you may not have known existed.

Turn Visual Content into an Infographic

Have some pictures from your last community event, graphics that an internal team drafted up, or images from your website? These visual assets can quickly be turned into an infographic, which breathes new life into them. We suggest using sites like Canva or Easel.ly to create infographics quickly and easily. Get leads from these infographics by gating them on your site, embedding them into blog posts, or sending them out through email.

Consolidate Into a Newsletter

Lastly, after creating all of the above assets, create a newsletter for your company and grow your email list! One of the best ways to repurpose content is to group it together, send it out to your email lists, and drive traffic back to your site. We offer customizable newsletters in all of our packages that make it easy to gather your content, design your newsletter, and generate leads.

Content marketing does require some upfront commitment, but with a little tweaking and work, you can reuse your content and attract new audiences. All in favor of more content with less work, say “aye”!