Both personal and professional blogs are helpful in their own ways, but which is best for you? In this week’s Marketing Tip, Brandon Brown and Marina Grindle share their insight on the key differences between these strategies and what will likely work for you.

Differences Between a Company Blog and a Personal Blog

In today’s digital age, the two often go hand-in-hand, but there are some differences between a company blog and a personal blog. A company blog, like our Market in Motion blog, serves as a professional resource that is full of marketing information, posts that relate directly to our products, and answers to independent financial advisors’ questions about marketing.

On the flip side, our founder, Craig Faulkner, just launched his personal blog, Although a lot of the topics covered are still about marketing, but some of them are more personal, such as his new podcast Cancer with Craig. These posts are more focused on his life outside of work, rather than solely FMG Suite.

Which is Best for You?

If you are a multi-advisor firm, a company blog probably makes the most sense for you. There, you will likely share things like market updates, investment philosophies, and other professional commentary. But if you are a one or two-person shop, you might want to consider a personal blog. Many times, clients search for that personal connection when looking for an advisor and a blog can help build that.

PS- The Quick Tips we mention in the video can be found here!