Social media is a fast and inexpensive way for an advisor to engage with new contacts and build brand awareness. FMG Suite has the tools available to make managing your social presence easy — without hiring a full-time social media manager. 

Social media marketing is necessary for financial advisors; it presents a valuable relationship-building platform with a broad reach. An effective social media marketing strategy requires consistent and frequent posting, insightful and well-designed content, and personal engagement between advisors and their audience. To make creating your strategy easier, we produced a social media guide webinar to help you start. 

Watch a replay of our social media guide webinar, Social Media Made Easy with FMG Suite! In this short webinar, we’ll show you the FMG Suite tools you need for building a social media presence. From setting up your social media tools to understanding the best social media for financial advisors, we help you start the conversation and keep it going. 

Social Media Marketing Guide for Building a Social Media Presence

All the components of a financial advisor social media strategy, from thoughtful content to a willingness to engage with an audience, require the right marketing tools to make it successful. If you’ve been wondering how to build a social media presence, let FMG Suite be your social media marketing guide, and you can do all the following and more.

Get the Conversation Started

Build a consistent and engaging online presence on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and other popular social media platforms. Our professionally written, compliant social posts target your ideal clients with up-to-date, relevant content and timely topics.

Create Engaging Graphics

Get your brand noticed with graphics for social media from Canva, a free online design tool that integrates with FMG Suite’s platform. You’ll find an extensive collection of professionally designed templates and the tools you need to create your own branded graphics.

Automate Your Social Media Posting

We help take the work out of consistent, frequent social media posting with our automated solutions. You can upload your posts anytime to easily share across up to three platforms and schedule future posts that are uploaded automatically.

Keep the Conversation Going

Publishing insightful content in a series of related posts can help keep your audience more engaged. Our social sequences solution lets you choose a topic that includes five to ten relevant social posts and schedule them for timely publication automatically. 

Use our social media guide to help you find your brand’s voice on social media and learn more about building a social media presence at FMG Suite. Find out how the right marketing tools can make your financial advisor social media strategy a winner when you get your demo today.