Many of you already use our Social Foundations campaign to drive traffic to your website’s Resource Center from Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Now, with our Social Post Scheduler, you are in control of what content you share, where it’s posted and when it goes live!

Read on or watch the video below to learn more about how you can use FMG Suite to grow your social media presence and continue to build your reputation as a resource for valuable, timely content and commentary.

What to post

  • Want to share an article you think your followers will find interesting? Easy! Copy and paste your link, enter some commentary and you’re all set!
  • Want to promote an upcoming event, like a seminar or new client dinner? Add the event to your site, share that link and watch your RSVP list grow!
  • Want to customize the commentary that appears alongside content from your Resource Center? Easy! Instead of sharing from the Content Library, just copy and paste the link to the content on your website in the Social Post Scheduler and add your commentary there.

Where to post

You can choose to share on any or all of your integrated social media profiles. It’s up to you to decide the best audience for your content, but some general guidelines are:

  • LinkedIn: Keep it professional
    • Your LinkedIn audience is likely looking for industry-related news and commentary, like articles from trade publications or the Wall Street Journal, and your thoughts on those.
  • Facebook: An opportunity to get personal
    • Your Facebook followers are eager to learn more about you and the people who make up your firm. This is a great place to share more about your office culture, employee milestones, and lessons learned through personal experience. 
  • Twitter: A great place for timely content
    • With the power of hashtags, your timely commentary has the chance to reach a brand new audience.

When to post

A dream come true: you can spend a few hours in your FMG Suite admin and be done with your social media schedule for the week. Simply build your posts and schedule them for a future date and time. You’ll see your scheduled social posts appear on the same page as your Social Post Scheduler, so you always know what’s going out and when.

Breaking news in the middle of your social media calendar? You can always log in and post immediately to social media, too!

Who gives a hoot?

As your marketing team, we are constantly trying to find ways to help you eliminate other marketing tools – making FMG Suite your all-in-one marketing platform for building a beautiful website, staying in touch with clients and generating solid leads. With the release of our Social Post Scheduler, we’ve given you the chance to pull the plug on services like Hootsuite or Buffer.

Concerned about compliance? We’ve got you covered! We’ll be releasing compliance review in the next few weeks, so Broker Dealers concerned with monitoring social media content will have a chance to review posts before they go live. For those of you who don’t require a social review, you’re good to go.

Social Media Best Practices

  • There are countless Number Crunchers and Marketing Experts out there eager to tell you the best time to post on each social platform. While we agree that timing is important, we think it’s most important to establish a social media routine. We’ve all seen stale social media profiles, with no activity for 6+ months. These deserted profiles don’t tend to inspire much confidence – let alone followers! To establish yourself as a consistent resource for great insights and timely advice, you’ve got to make posting on social media part of your marketing routine. And you don’t need to be glued to your phone like a teenager to do it – FMG Suite has put all three major platforms in one place for you!
  • Be sure to follow up with visitors who leave comments or ask questions on social media. This is one of the most important parts of any social media strategy. It’s your chance to engage visitors and turn them into solid leads. Leaving a question unanswered on your social media profile isn’t only a disappointment for the asker, but will also make a bad impression on future visitors. Follow up is key!
  • Social posts are a great way to gather solid leads, since the people viewing your social media profile are not restricted to your current followers or contact list, like an email. Attract users can enable the “Page Gating” feature for website content you’re sharing so visitors will be prompted to enter their contact information before they can view the content you’ve posted.
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