Paul Adams’ Seattle-based firm, Sound Financial Group, recently partnered with FMG Suite to rebuild their website and improve their marketing tools. They wanted a site that was modern, yet still under their control and easy to update. Partnering with FMG Suite allowed them to get a high-end website design and also integrate directly with Guardian compliance.

“I love being able to add content to our site at my discretion, and then send it straight to compliance without having to submit a form separately. It is such a huge time saver!” said Lea Wold, the firm’s marketing manager. “We are really happy with the site and have gotten great feedback from our clients. The customer service team at FMG Suite has been very helpful as well.”

Using the FMG Suite tie into Google Analytics provides real-time reporting on the traffic to their website, including how many visitors come to the site, which pages they visit, and how they found the site. “Our Google Analytics shows a 56% increase in organic search traffic since March 2015 when we launched our site, which is incredible,” said Wold.

Organic search traffic is the measure of visitors who got to the website by searching via Google or Bing using keywords. Google Analytics shows that these visitors are visiting the Sound Financial Group’s “Home” page, then the “Team” page and the “About” page. “It’s great to see new site visitors using it as a way to get to know more about our team and the services we offer,” Wold said.

Sound Financial Group also uses their website for recruiting, and features a form on their site where potential candidates can apply to join their team. “We have been getting a trickle of potential candidates coming in each week, which is great for our recruiting process,” said Wold.

Guardian has partnered with FMG Suite to provide best in industry websites and digital marketing to their agents and agencies with automatic compliance integration. They have negotiated discounted pricing for Guardian agents and agencies, beginning at $45 per month for a website. To get started with FMG Suite, contact Heather Ramos, Manager, Agency Marketing and Field Communications, at (212) 598-8130 or FMG Suite directly by email or by phone at (888) 364-1260.

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