Thought leaders are a beacon of light in the vast amount of content available, and by sharing great content, they build trust with their readers. Content curation is one step in becoming a thought leader because your audience will soon regard you as someone who is consistently up-to-date on the industry and full of unique ideas to share. Curation is a great way to support your created content strategy, publish content consistently, and keep track of your favorite information sources.

Here, we share our picks for three content curation tools for beginners to get you started on collecting, annotating, and sharing relevant content with your audience.


Pocket helps users curate content by providing a platform for users to save content they find on the Internet in one place. Pocket keeps all of your interesting images, articles, and videos in one place for reference. You can group items by tagging, and built-in search functionality makes finding those articles easy. Ditch the laundry list of bookmarks and links in your email inbox and turn to Pocket to curate these useful articles to look back at when you have time.

Twitter Lists

If you’re on Twitter, you’ve already done half the work of curating content through this technology. Instead of sifting through a continuous feed of tweets all day, users can create lists that fall into distinct categories based on the account. For example, an advisor might create a list dedicated to financial news with accounts such as Investment News and Financial Planning, one dedicated to accounts that cover retirement planning, and one devoted to the latest news in their community. Then, instead of spending hours catching up on their feeds, they can take the information directly from the accounts that they can easily access.


Flipboard is a go-to content curation application and website because it is easy to use and users can specify what content they want to see. The site has categories such as personal finance, funding news, and the stock market bubble. By choosing just the categories that are relevant, users can quickly sift through news, articles, videos, and blogs that are generated just for them.

Content curation accounts for 38% of marketers’ top investment areas. Many more content curation tools aren’t listed here, but these three are free, easy-to-use tools to get you started. Sharing great, useful content for your audience builds trust and sets you apart from the competition as someone your clients can turn to for information.