The AdviceTech.LIVE conference was an incredible event, with dozens of panels featuring the industry’s top strategists. Attendees were able to learn about the industry’s best-practices when it comes to digital marketing, brand development, and lead generation.

The first panel of the day, moderated by Craig Iskowitz, CEO of Ezra Group, was an intriguing conversation about what’s next in advicetech. Industry thought leaders on this panel included Penny Phillips, president of Journey Strategic Wealth; Jay Coulter, CFP®, CIMA®, anchor of Resilient Advisor and Derek Notman, CFP®, CEO and founder of Conneqtor. They all gathered to ask an all important question:

“How human is your tech stack?”

It may sound strange, but your marketing technology needs to enable more human connections. If it doesn’t, it isn’t worth the hard drives it’s printed on.

When considering a marketing solution for your company or enterprise, evaluate the technology’s ability to magnify your human connection.

Human optimized marketing must:

  1. Promote financial wellness
  2. Foster client/prospect engagement
  3. Provide Access

How can you make sure your marketing solution advances your human interactions with your clients, prospects, and employees?

1. Promote Financial Wellness

Sometimes advisors make the mistake of thinking their marketing content should be about selling their services. On the contrary, your number one goal of the content you provide is to ensure your clients’ and prospects’ financial wellness. Your marketing plan will do its job just fine without compromising your content.

In the panel, Jay Coulter explained how strong content that delivers valuable financial information is the perfect way to “onramp” new clients. It provides a path that they can follow to engage your services.

Of course, compliance can be a hurdle for financial advisors that other service professionals don’t have to put up with. That’s why having a library of content that has already been through compliance and is FINRA approved is so powerful.

2. Foster Client and Prospect Engagement

There’s no doubt that interacting with a client or prospect in person is the most powerful way to build rapport. But you can’t be everywhere and meet every existing and potential client every week for the rest of your life. Think of the gas bill!

The power of automated marketing is that it enables advisors to interact 1 to 1 at scale. An automated system can provide many tools to help you achieve this level of connection; tools like social posting, email campaigns, and personalized direct mail. It can even provide the content. These marketing tools allow you to reach hundreds, even thousands of people regularly.

And what would AdviceTech be without the tech? The event was full of new product announcements and demonstrations from companies across the industry. At FMG Suite we unveiled our new mobile app. Having a marketing tool like the FMG Suite app in your pocket means you’ll always know when breaking and timely news hits to share with your clients and prospects.

By measuring audience engagement, you can focus more personalized attention on the clients and prospects who indicate interest in engaging your services.

3. Provide Personal Access

One of the most important things that technology does for advisors is making them more accessible to their audience. Social media is perfect for real-time engagements.

When you take the time to engage with someone on social media, it is seen by your entire audience, and to a degree, they feel as though they are engaging with you as well.

Your marketing strategy should include assigning responsibilities for monitoring and responding to feedback. If you have an all-in-one marketing suite, it will most likely come equipped with state-of-the-art reputation management tools.

Pay attention during their onboarding process if you want to know how well a technology solution will provide your audience access. They will model the same kind of access they are helping you achieve when you interact with them. If you can’t reach a real person in their company to ask for advice, that’s a big red flag!

It’s safe to say that AdviceTech.LIVE was an action-packed event full of technology tools and industry thought leaders addressing pain points around client engagement, financial wellness, and advice accessibility. We are thrilled to have had the opportunity to participate for the second year in a row and to debut our new mobile app.