Recently I read an article titled “Is Email Marketing Dead?” The article uses some very impressive statistics to show how email marketing is not only not dead, but can be very successful when done well. As a team we spend hours every month refining our approach to email marketing and tweaking our content and campaigns to reach our end client. So today I want to share with you our 5 C’s of Email Marketing.


It’s vital for financial advisors is to take what they send out seriously. Getting “spammed” really is death for the email marketer. Tips for success: don’t send content too often, and make sure when content is sent it is on the right platform. It takes effort to become a thought leader with your clients, but it is possible.  You do that by sending out quality content.


Sometimes advisors worry about what they can and cannot say and so they don’t say anything at all! It is important to first  review your home office’s restrictions on compliance. Make sure you are fmailiar with their particular guidelines. In addition, you always want to steer clear of “promise language” like: “I guarantee,” “I can promise” etc. Use definitive language that is clear, but does not promise things you can’t follow through on. Tip for success: use our posts, tweets and content! All FMG Suite content is FINRA reviewed and compliance friendly.


Every person you have contact with is important. You ought to treat each person seriously and get them involved with your digital marketing effort. There are so many advisors that don’t have an extensive email list, and so they have a hard time keeping their clients and prospects engaged in their digital marketing efforts. But every time you meet a new person, you have a new opportunity to collect someone’s information- all you need is a name and an email. If you are engaged in the right type of digital marketing you will be able to build the credibility and rapport you need through your campaigns to turn that prospect into a client or retain that client. The idea is to look at everybody as an opportunity to share great information, and then you have your ongoing digital marketing approach.

Call to Action

Every piece of content you send to your clients should invite your clients to act! Your email marketing campaign should inspire your contacts to pick up the phone and make an appointment. Are you currently sending videos, white papers and information that spurs this interest in your clients?


Involving someone in an email marketing campaign does not mean that you are going to automatically just make a client. After a client responds to your email or their name is prominent in your ananlytics it is your job as the financial advisor to pick up the phone and call that client. Invite them into your office to sit down with you and talk about their finanical future. Email marketing does not replace the need to reach out to clients directly; it gives you the opportunity to have insight into which of your clients are ready to meet with you. Then you can take the next step and secure a client relationship.