Even if marketing trends and technology never stop changing, the one fundamental that remains constant is storytelling. If you can bring prospects into the story of your business, they will want to be a part of it. 

In this seven-part series, our Lead Elevate Marketing Strategist, Will Gunn, shares the secret to authentically sharing your unique story with your audience.  

Chapter 1 –  Digital Storytelling

In the beginning, people told stories to friends and family members in order to survive. Their very lives depended on it. These were the first marketing campaigns.

Chapter 2 – 8 Reasons Why Relevant Advisors Embrace Digital Marketing

You know the old saying: Time, tide, and marketing trends wait for no sailor. If you want to stay relevant, you need to adopt a digital marketing solution FAST!

Chapter 3 – A Financial Advisor’s Guide to Inbound Marketing

The results are in: InBound marketing is by far the most popular form of marketing in all of Internet Land. Learn more about this triumphant strategy.

Chapter 4 – It’s Good to be Content King

If your content is worthy, your marketing can win the day.

Chapter 5 – The Communication Pyramid

If you want your content to succeed in generating new leads and maintaining clients you must learn the secrets of The Communication Pyramid.

Chapter 6 – The Missing Steps in The Buyer’s Journey: From Prospect to Advocate

Many financial advisors spend a large amount of their marketing efforts trying to attract prospects. Prospects fall into three stages.

Chapter 7 – The Marketing Wheel

How does digital marketing fit into this picture? Like getting a flat tire in your car, sometimes you need a new wheel.