The Best Digital Tools for Financial Advisors

How are your peers using marketing technology? An industry survey of advisors and wealth firms reveals proven technology tools you can put to work right now. Watch this webinar for insights into how successful advisories use digital tools for financial advisors to grow their AUM. You’ll learn why most advisors agree that technology for financial advisors helps enhance their brand, get more referrals, retain more clients, and much more:

  • Which digital tools for financial advisors are most valuable to their business
  • How to identify which components of the marketing technology landscape are here to stay and how they will impact business in the future
  • Which best practices are helping your peers effectively grow AUM

Website Builder

A professional website builder is essential marketing technology for financial advisors because it takes the guesswork out of creating an optimized financial advisor website. Think of your website as the foundation for building a comprehensive digital marketing strategy. When you get it right, your advisor website becomes the hub for email marketing campaigns, social media outreach, regular communications, and even your local marketing efforts. From video content to a satisfying user experience, your website sets the tone for all your online interactions.

Email Marketing Technology

When your advisory’s website is up and running and optimized for traffic, you have opportunities to initiate and maintain critical and time-sensitive communications with prospects and clients. But how do you ensure your marketing communication recipients actually get the message? Even if you use the most sophisticated email capture forms, the data you collect is only useful if you can get clients and prospects to open and read your emails. 

To get the highest open rates, you must create emails with enticing headlines, timely content, and, most of all, value for your prospects or clients. Timing, frequency, and other elements also play a part in increasing open rates. Email marketing is a large part of successful marketing, and it can be far more effective when using the right technology. When you put technology for financial advisors to work in your advisory, you can easily create engaging and compliant emails and get the right message to the right person at the right time.

Marketing Automation

Automation is the key to bringing your website, email campaigns, and other digital tools together to create a robust digital marketing strategy. Marketing technology for financial advisors like Attract™ seamlessly integrates your website, lead generation tools, local search optimization, and more to create a well-oiled marketing machine that works 24/7. Our financial planning technology also supports multiple marketing channels to reach and engage targeted prospects and existing clients to give you the broadest and most targeted reach for every campaign.