With our easy-to-build websites, regularly updated content, automated social media posts and email newsletters, dynamic, pre-designed presentations, and interactive mobile app, FMG Suite saves you hours of marketing blood, sweat, and tears every week.

FMG is your all-one-in- one marketing solution. We take care of the tedious yet important features on your website — such as adding new content and videos every month — and provide you content marketing strategies that work.

So, with all this work taken care of for you, what are you going to do with your free time? Here are just eight things you can do with all of that saved time:

1. Create Your Personal Succession Plan

Practice what you preach! Every business owner needs a succession plan for the future. You now have the time to create your strategy for your eventual exit. What will you do with your business upon retiring? Sell it? Transfer to a family member? Creating a succession plan is crucial to preserve your business’ value. Having succession plan in place helps ensure you won’t leave your clients in the dark upon your exit. It is never too late to begin planning for the future of your business.

2. Nourish Strong Client Relationships

Take the time to get to know your clients on a more personal level. You know how to help them financially, but do you know them on a personal? Learning about their background and hobbies shows that you value them as a client and strive to work with them for the long-term. Next time you call or meet with them, ask about their family or how their favorite sports team is doing. They’ll appreciate your interest in their life.

3. Network

Use your extra time to get your name out there and connect with prospects. Now that you have a lead-generating website and automated marketing tools (thanks to FMG Suite!), it’s time for face-to-face interaction. One-on-one communication makes a long-lasting impression on anyone you interact with. Attend local networking events in your local area, connect with local attorneys and CPAs to discuss creating a referral program, or host an educational seminar and ask clients to invite their friends and family.

4. Take a Vacation or Staycation

Get out of town! Use this time for some R&R with your loved ones. Vacations help you escape the work grind and return refreshed and revived. Can’t afford to take too much time off? Enjoy a staycation in your city or town. Take a weekend adventure or enjoy some fine dining right at home. Self-care is a necessity, and actually helps you stay more attentive at work. Wherever you go, make it a relaxing escape.

5. Maximize Your Website Real Estate

If you’re a workaholic (we’re right there with you), take your extra time to continuously improve your marketing. Rewrite your website content or work with a professional writer to create SEO-friendly, customized content. You may also want to consider writing monthly or bi-monthly blog posts to drive traffic to your website and keep your clients and prospects talking about you.

6. Give Back

A few hours of spare time each week allows you an opportunity to give back to your favorite charity or local organization. Volunteer at a non-profit or attend a fundraising event that reflects your interests and passion.

7. Learn Something New

Have you ever wanted to learn German? Cook a traditional Italian meal? Finally learn how to golf? Use your extra time to learn a foreign language, take up a new hobby, or enjoy some good old fashioned reading.

8. Add to Your Credentials

Boost your resume and knowledge toolkit by pursuing a new credential. According to Investopedia, financial certifications with the best return on your investment include the Chartered Financial Analyst®, CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™, Chartered Life Underwriter®, and Chartered Financial Consultant®.

At FMG Suite, we love marketing so you don’t have to. We are passionate about helping you with your marketing so you can focus on your passions in life. Have our tools saved you time? Share your story with us!