This week’s Marketing Tip answers this question in two ways, both “how much content is too much to send to clients?” and “how much content, or copy, is too much in an email?”

First, let’s look at the difference between engagement and fatigue. When you establish a good cadence for your emails, you may notice that clients and prospects are engaging, clicking through emails, and reaching out to your firm. These are all good things. On the flip side, though, if you’re sending too many emails to your clients they may become fatigued and stop engaging. When this starts happening, you may be on the verge of sending too much content to your audiences.

There are other tell-tale signs that your email marketing might be too overwhelming, including lower open rates, higher bounce rates, or being blacklisted by email providers. To establish your ideal email marketing cadence, check out our blog post all about email frequency rates.

In terms of copy for your emails, it may be hard to gauge how much is too much. Many financial advisors may feel the need to express a lot of ideas to educate their clients, but this isn’t always the best choice. Here’s a test to try to get a feel for whether or not the content on your email is a good length:

Run the first draft of your email by someone in your company that didn’t play a role in its creation. After they have read through it, ask them questions about its effectiveness. Were there sections of the email that they tuned out? Could they have understood the message in a more efficient way? Questions like these will help you gain a greater understanding of the ideal amount of content for your emails.

Finally, a good email marketing rule of thumb is to ask yourself, “does this email provide some sort of value for the recipient?” That value can come in different forms, including promotions, education, a personal greeting, and more. No matter what, though, your emails should give recipients a good reason to open them.