If you’ve been in business for several decades, you’ve seen firsthand how technology has simplified a lot of our daily tasks. There’s an app for just about everything, including daily business and marketing tasks. By harnessing the power of these tech tools and apps, you can streamline your business and save valuable time.

Here are just six that are perfect for the busy financial advisor:

1. Grasshopper

What if you could run your business and manage office phone calls all from your cell phone? Grasshopper is a virtual phone system designed for entrepreneurs. It was created to provide an easy way for entrepreneurs to sound professional and stay connected wherever they are. With Grasshopper, you can set up multiple extensions, get a toll free number, have your voicemail transcribed and sent to you, adjust voicemail greetings based on the time of day, and more. It’s a great tool for advisors who work from home or frequently work remotely or in multiple locations.

2. Boomerang

While you may have the advantage of working any time of day, you may only want to send messages during regular business hours. With Boomerang, you can write emails at your most productive hours and schedule them to send at a later time. The Gmail extension also lets you archive messages and will remind you to reply to a message if a certain period of time has passed. This is particularly useful when you’re communicating with someone you know tends to forget to respond. Boomerang helps you avoid feeling overwhelmed by your inbox and forgetting to follow up on leads.

3. Redtail

If you work with more than 25 clients, you need a CRM. Client Relationship Management systems (or CRMs) are platforms used to manage the relationships you have with your clients. This includes data management, tasks and communication, appointments, and more. There are too many CRMs to list, but the most popular for financial advisors is Redtail. Redtail makes it easier to juggle your multiple tasks, opportunities, and communications. Set reminders for upcoming meetings or follow up calls with prospects. Send out celebratory cards for clients with children who are graduating college. You can stay much more engaged with your contacts and maintain stronger relationships for less time and effort by enlisting Redtail to do the heavy lifting (and remembering) for you.

4. WeTransfer

Email is the standard system for sending and receiving messages but doesn’t always allow you to share large files and folders. WeTransfer, an online file-transferring platform that’s secure and reliable, can solve this problem. You can send up to 2GB per transfer to any email address in a matter of seconds, free of charge and with zero stress. You’ll receive an email when your recipient downloads what you send so you can make sure the items are received.

5. FMG Local Listings

SEO requires a lot of work and ongoing maintenance. Not to mention, the bill for SEO services adds up quickly. An easier, more automated, and less expensive route to building your SEO foundation is with FMG Local Listings. Consistent local listings increase your search engine rankings, help you connect with your community, and establish comprehensive branding. FMG Local Listings helps you control your business listings across 60+ partner sites, including Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Creating the most complete, rich, and accurate presence on all search engines, maps, apps, and local directories encourages prospects and referrals connect with you more.

6. Canva

Your written content is just one piece of the overall marketing puzzle. Design is the other critical component. Research from Content Marketing Institute reveals that content containing relevant images gets 94% more views than content without. But you’re an advisor, not a graphic designer. Cue Canva. With a drag-and-drop feature and professional layouts, you can design beautiful graphics without needing an art degree. Spin up flyers for your next event, create a Facebook banner, and more in less than 15 minutes and less than a few dollars.

With a few tech tools, you can work more efficiently, grow your business, and automate tasks. Give some of these tools a try, or research alternatives based on your needs. You’d be amazed at the number of tools and apps available. If you can dream it, there’s likely already a tool out there to help you accomplish it.