Happy Tuesday! Sit tight because it’s time for another “Trending This Tuesday” article where we’re sharing five of our favorite marketing and financial reads from the week. From creating stronger graphic designs to avoiding these nine roadblocks that are keeping you from SEO success and more, be sure to give it a read!

1. Graphic Design Trends for 2022 [Infographic] via Social Media Today

Strong visuals are so important, so if you are looking for ways to stand out on social, then this infographic is for you! Check out the full article to see the key trends that are going to be taking shape so that you can plan accordingly this year.

2. How To Make Each Lead Capture Form a Conversion Powerhouse via iMPACT

When it comes to boosting your website’s conversion rate, then it’s important that you are using lead capture forms. And when these forms are set up correctly, it allows your sales team to capture the information that they need to start nurturing prospects and leading them further down the sales funnel. To get the most out of your forms, check out this article, where this article from iMPACT is covering:

  • How to improve forms with conversion rate optimization
  • Information your forms should collect
  • How to use progressive fields

Get all the insight here!

3. 9 roadblocks to SEO success via Search Engine Land

Improving your SEO can be quite an investment, so of course, you want to achieve success when implementing a strategy. So, if you want to achieve SEO success this year, then make sure you are avoiding these nine roadblocks:

  1. You aren’t defining your campaign goals
  2. You have a lack of resources
  3. You aren’t being patient
  4. Your targeting is too broad
  5. You aren’t thinking full-time
  6. You’re ignoring SERPs
  7. You have bad partnerships
  8. There is a disconnection from other marketing channels
  9. There isn’t enough attribution

Learn more about each point and how to avoid them this year!

4. Kitces & Carl Ep 83: When The Big Prospect Doesn’t Want Your Financial Plan via Kitces

The main value proposition offered by many financial advisors is to serve and help clients solve their issues through financial planning. But what if you work with a prospect who doesn’t want comprehensive financial planning but rather wants to focus on one specific service? Tune into this episode to learn:

  • Some steps advisors can take when a prospect objects to comprehensive financial planning
  • How to gain a deeper understanding of why the prospective client doesn’t want financial planning in the first place
  • How to understand the client’s goals and values

It’s a great listen so make sure you don’t miss it!

5. 3 “How-to” Tactics to Teach your Clients (borrowed from preschool) via Idea Decanter

If you’re teaching an advisor something new, then make it as simple as possible! So, how can you help your clients to adopt a process that works? In this video, you’re going to learn three “how-to” tactics that have been borrowed from a preschool classroom, including:

  1. Show And Tell
  2. Nuggets
  3. Coloring Books

Want to learn about each? Be sure to check out the full article and video from Idea Decanter.

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